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Brina Kay Releases Stunning New Country Pop Single "Rather Hurt You Now" (feat. Justin Love)

Country-pop artist Brina Kay has released new single "Rather Hurt You Now" (feat. Justin Love). The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

You can listen to the single here.

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"'Rather Hurt You Now' is about choosing to face an uncomfortable conversation with a friend who likes you rather than string their heart along. Having been strung along before, I always try to lead with respect first and tell people the truth, even when it's inconvenient. It's better to be upfront with people about these things so that they don't waste their time and energy on something that will never be. Instead, they can use that time to go out there and find a reciprocated love they deserve." - Brina Kay

"Rather Hurt You Now" begins with a sweet southern rock guitar, as Brina Kay opens up about her non-reciprocal feelings. As the chorus starts, we know that this will be emotional. Brina knows this person feels something and she doesn't - so why continue to lead them on and hurt them, when she could make the decision ahead of time? "Rather Hurt You Now" is all about facing that difficult conversation that you just have to have.


Country-pop artist Brina Kay is fearless, accomplished, and ready to take on her next chapter as a flourishing singer-songwriter in Nashville. With influences such as Natalie Maines of The Chicks, Kacey Musgraves, and Taylor Swift, Brina Kay’s music is empowering and thoughtful, with lyrics that will move you and make you reflect. Her fusion of pop, country, and even dramatic musical theater stylization makes Brina stand out as an artist in the vast genre that is country music.

Brina got her start in entertainment growing up in Illinois, where she learned to play the violin. She then went on to pursue her education at The University of Nebraska Lincoln, where she collaborated with bands and found her true love for the arts through literature and music. She then moved to Nashville to pursue her dream full time.

“I have always thought that music is what we turn to when words fail. I feel like it is something innately human, something that we’ve done across cultures for thousands of years. It brings people together, it helps people feel less alone, it’s something we turn to at the height of our happiness and the pit of our despair. I want to be a part of helping people feel that.” - Brina Kay


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