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Brandon Mill's Releases Poignant Song, Dedicated to his Fellow Veterans

Brandon Mills releases a poignant and touching song ,his version of a love song "Don't Mistake" today on all digital retailers

Brandon Mills has experienced more than most as a warrior, a poet, a servant, and an artist. After serving in the Marine Corps as a Recon Marine and Scout Sniper with tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, Brandon began questioning the systemic issues that control many of the world’s citizens. He spent the next few years serving in orphanages and refugee camps around the globe, with the desire to give and learn the deep issues of humanity’s broken heart.

“Don’t Mistake” is a cry to question the division that creates hatred, unhealthy cultural norms, and the wisdom available to correct these issues. Transitioning from the military industrial complex, Brandon began turning towards the pursuit of higher consciousness.

“I’ve been through two foreign wars

Seen innocent blood shed

On the pavement

Still don’t know what for…”

Through plant medicines, deep practices of meditation, and connecting the mind, body, and spirit, Brandon asks the listener to evolve in thought and action.

“Letting go

No longer keeping score

Learning how to serve love

From the deepest of my core

Warriors uniting around the world

Demons flee when I and we

We walk along in harmony

Strong hearts

Bold souls

Humble teachers leading louder

Than the ghosts

Noble men

Connect to represent

Fall divided

Stand united

Evolve when we respect…”

Brandon wrote “Don’t Mistake” in the aftermath of transitioning from combat veteran to active civilian. He wanted to remind himself and others that perfect love casts out fear. A life lived in service to others reveals the deep connectivity that humans share, no matter the society and culture they identify with.

With strong conviction and a wealth of experience, Brandon’s voice is stable and powerful, evoking belief and hope that problems can be solved and divides can be narrowed. Speaking from the soul, Brandon invites the listener to take action, to lead with love, and to choose understanding over ignorance.

Brandon Mills most recently starred in ABC Networks "The Bachelor Listen to your Heart". Along with continuing to create music and inspire his fans with his songs he spends his time working with non-profits who support veterans.

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