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Bonnie Dymond debuting her first collection of pop-country EP #nofilter

Following the release of her single “Where Do You Go? (The Fighter)”, receiving “New Music Friday”feature and amassing nearly 100,000 streams as well as key editorial placements as a featured artist on “TIDAL Rising”, Bonnie Dymond is finally debuting her first collection of songs in her upcoming EP, “#nofilter."Download and Stream here. Dymond, who solely wrote all of the songs, also produced and engineered the EP, constructing a sonic evolution as she takes the listener on an emotional journey through the phases of love and relationships. Centered in an Acoustic-Pop/Adult Contemporary genre, Bonnie begins the EP with an urban-acoustic, upbeat bop themed around pining over a love interest before moving into the phases of desire, love loss and nostalgic reminiscing before closing the collection with piano ballad, titled “Where Do You Go?”, about the strenuous difficulties of the expectations that society enforces while secretly betting on and rooting for one’s failure. Recorded at 6am, after a 13-hour studio day, Bonnie’s vocals are raw and just right to convey the desperation that the lyrics and melody call for— she’s proud to say it was a “one shot” take! Throughout her journey in music, she’s found a defining inspiration from artists such as Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Sia and Adele and it conveys in each song instrumentally, vocally and in production and arrangement style. Bonnie always says first and foremost she’s a songwriter and storyteller and has proven so with her latest songwriting success, co-writing with former Van Halen member and rock legend Sammy Hagar’s son, Andrew Hagar on his latest single “Judgement Day.” Bonnie will be involved with every song on his upcoming EP and future singles. Similarly, Bonnie has had a few great syncs in US ad campaigns that will be airing throughout the coming year. Bonnie is perhaps your next exciting music discovery of 2020.


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