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Country Pop singer / songwriter, Ashlie Amber, is releasing her most anticipated single yet, “Fight With You,” produced by Grammy and Emmy award winner, Jamie Tate, creating her very first album in the country genre. The upbeat tune was written by Mary Haller, Lo and Avrim “Ave” Topel and recorded at The Rukkus Room in Nashville. The new music is available to order on Ashlie Amber’s official website and all digital music platforms for streaming and download here

“Fight With You” is expressing the passion, fire and love with the one that you not only choose to be with, but want to be with. No matter what you might be going through in a relationship, there is no other person in the entire world that you could even imagine yourself with. They are your “ride or die” and you accept them unconditionally. Which, in my opinion, is pure love and something I stand for and believe in wholeheartedly,” shares Ashlie Amber. “Overall, I hope my listeners love and appreciate my own unique approach to this song and to this incredible genre of music that I grew up listening to and love so much!”

“...Babe you don’t got to worry

Last night our lines got blurry

But I still slept in your jersey

And your lips showed me mercy

Broken glass on the floorboard

Dumped your shirts out the top drawer

Now we laugh what was bad for

You know our love don’t keep score

Everything could be goin’ right, right, right, right

Yeah with somebody else but I, I     

I would rather fight with you

Stay up all night with you

I would rather be slammin’ doors, shouting curse words 

Cuz even us at our worst   

Is still what I would choose

Over anyone but you

I would rather take this mess over their best

Cuz in the end

I would rather fight with you, oooo…”

Ashlie was performing in Europe when she first heard this song and instantly felt a connection to it. “Honestly, I feel as if I wrote the song myself because it was incredibly relatable to me and my own life.” There was just something about the lyrics and melody that had this crossover style that Ashlie absolutely loved and definitely spoke country, but also had a massive crossover pop sound too, which is exactly what she stands for as an artist coming into this side of the industry. Whether she is writing a song for herself or choosing to record an incredible song from another writer, it always comes down to the overall story of the song. “Fight With You” is catchy, complex, yet very simplistic and that allows Ashlie Amber to really show off intricate parts of her voice and really focuses on her tone and inflection and not have to belt out a bunch of power notes! Sometimes less is more and in this particular song the beauty lies within the soft nuances that her producer was able to capture beautifully while recording in the studio. 

Music is available on all digital platforms

About Ashlie Amber: 

Ashlie Amber is currently collaborating with Grammy and Emmy award winning producer, Jamie Tate, to create her first album in the country genre. Born and raised in Thornton, Colorado, Ashlie is one of four children, which includes a twin brother. Her musical journey began at the age of six singing just for fun, changing with the tragic loss of her father not too far after where grief and heartache set in. Singing became her true outlet and pathway back to a better place and discovered that singing was not just an outlet for her staying strong and letting go of her grief, but also her life calling and true passion. During her middle school and high school years, she performed for talent shows and other live events while enjoying being extremely active in sports, theater, choir and academics. Once graduating with many skills and eager to tackle the world, she decided to conquer any fears and reach for the stars with a full-blown music career. Her natural ability to influence others, mixed with music talent and connecting with people while simply keeping real, is what would bring her to stardom today. Her journey started by becoming a part of the esteemed Actors’ Equity Association and performing full time all over the world for the past decade including landing TV airtime on the 2012 Season of American Idol, as well as being nominated for multiple Henry Awards and played leading roles in renown musicals such as The Color Purple, Avenue Q, Pippin, and RENT. She created her own headliner show with a breathtaking tribute and celebration of vocal  legend Whitney Houston entitled, “I Will Always Love You.” Her solo show grew to be one of the best acts in international waters landing her a residency onboard The Celebrity Edge, a $1.2B vessel touring Europe and the Caribbean which is one of the worlds #1 acclaimed cruise lines and ships.  Her first single, "Almost Love" released in December 2019 followed by "My Revenge" in April 2020 have both garnered attention on digital music platforms. Her current single, "Fight With You" released September 25, 2020.


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