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Abby K Announces the Worldwide Release of her Debut Single, "It Should Have Been Me"on August 22!

Listen for this name in the future, Abby K, a 16 year old phenom, Abby plays Bass and Sings her "Power Rock" songs, with a twist of pop. Abby and I had a great interview and I wanted to share some excerpts from it. This is not just your ordinary high school kid, but a well formed musician, playing bass since she was 12 years old.

I started by asking Abby how she got her love of music and playing bass.

Abby:" When I was about 5 years old, my dad would give me songs from Motley Crue and Kiss , and Metallica my ipod.(paraphrasing) I ended up really liking that music. He took me to see Kiss when I was 12, I remember sitting at the back of the lawn, on top of my Dad's shoulders, wearing the Paul Stanley makeup and was just mesmerized by Gene Simmons.

MUC: Wow! So you just liked the way Gene Simmons was performing and the way he played the bass, it's a very different instrument and not every girl picks it up, (the bass), and I think it's just fabulous what you are doing, and you loved the way he played it really.

Abby: Yes, he was just so confident in his performance and it was really amazing!

MUC: So, ever since then you have been playing the bass. How many strings do you play (on the bass) 4, 5, 6 strings?

Abby: I play a 5 string bass.

MUC: Awesome, love it, cause it's not that easy.

Abby: LOL .No

MUC: When did you discover you wanted to sing with the bass as well? Was it right away?

Abby: So, I never wanted to be a singer. I never expected myself to be a singer. But in my first band I was in 8th grade, and the rest of the boys were in middle school, and their voices were changing, so every week we would end up adding and dropping songs, because they couldn't sing them anymore and it was really frustrating for me, so I decided I was going to start singing.

MUC: So you took control, I love it!

MUC: How would you describe your sound?

Abby: I would describe my music is hard rock with pop hooks.

MUC: What is the average age of your audience?

Abby: I try to reach a large audience, but right now I am right now focusing on inspiring young girls.

MUC: What is you favorite Rock song?

Abby: Right Now I'm listening to Halestorm, because it is a female fronted band. My favorite song from them is "Freak Like Me".

MUC: What would be your favorite venue to play in, anywhere in the world?

Abby: oh, that's a good question. I would love to play somewhere in Australia, that's like my dream country to go and play music in.

MUC: Oh that would be fabulous! When you are going, I'm going!!

MUC: If I were to come to one of your gigs, what would I expect to see?

Abby: My performance will punch you in the mouth!

MUC: But it won't hurt, it will be good, right?

Abby: It will be good!

MUC: Your New Single, "It Should have Been Me", you wrote it yourself?

Abby: I wrote "It Should Have Been Me" after I auditioned for a band about 1 year ago, they said I was their best option, but they still didn't pick me, I was mad.

MUC: so you wrote it while you were mad, but it's turned around to be a really good thing!

Abby: Yes.

We talked a little longer, finding out that Abby opened for Nita Strauss, several times. Abby's tagline of "I want to punch them in the mouth", simply means that she wants to impress her fans and the audience, and Nita Strauss said she did just that.

Watch out for August 22nd, because Abby is going to be debuting her song at a special location. I'm going to be looking for this young, dynamic, powerful gal, "Punch you in the mouth" with her performance of her new single, "It Should Have Been Me", you should as well!!!

Abby K- Bass player


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