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JD & The Straight Shot Releases Title Track for Upcoming Album “Great Divide”

For decades, musical artists have sang songs about issues pertaining to their lives and the society they’re a part of. Marvin Gaye sang about the Vietnam war, Helen Reddy sang about women’s rights, and Americana band JD & The Straight Shot sing about the state of America in their newly released title-track “The Great Divide.”

This track that speaks of the political and social divides in America in 2019, was released on January 25th, featuring a music video that gives visual representation of society’s varying viewpoints, protests, and social demonstrations in the streets of some of the biggest cities in this country. In a post on the group’s Instagram (@jdssband), they stated that “the world is a crazy place right now…we don’t have to always agree on everything but it’s important to keep our minds open and try to find a common ground.” If one thing is true, it’s that music brings people together, no matter their race, religion, or political views, and JD & The Straight Shot hope to bring fans together with this new song.

To follow JD & The Straight Shot, visit them on Instagram and Twitter @JDSSband.

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