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Interview: Indie-Pop Band, WYO Chat About Latest Release 'Moonlight'

If you haven't discovered the magical lyrics of Los Angeles based indie-pop band, WYO, you're truly missing out on a masterpiece. On their newest track, "Moonlight", singer Andy Sorge's vocals soar over a synth-laden composition with lyrics referencing a couple holding close to their relationship while needing a break from the reality they live in.

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to chat with WYO about their newest release, making of the music video, and much more in our exclusive interview below!

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration behind your single Moonlight? "Moonlight" is part of a story that unfolds on each song on our upcoming sophomore album, Changes. Throughout the album there is a story told about a couple that is in trouble and running away from a bad situation, and "Moonlight" signifies a breaking point where the couple escapes into the night together.

When creating the story behind the music video, what were ways you wanted to share the music video with your followers? With a song like "Moonlight" we wanted the video to be really visual and fully capture this pivotal moment of this couple escaping together into the unknown. So the night sky easily came to mind and the stars became a theme throughout the video. The actors in the video, Creed and Sascha Garnick, are married in real life which we thought added another cool element to the story. I feel our fans will appreciate an honest representation of the music.

What can fans expect in the future? More new music, shows and videos! We're really proud and excited to release our album Changes in the early summer so stay tuned for that along with new singles leading up to its release.

During your musical career, was there ever setbacks? If so, please explain how you overcame them? There have been plenty of setbacks, and I’ve learned you have to believe in yourself and also surround yourself with people who believe in you to overcome the setbacks asap. Eventually you grow stronger and more resilient because you realize this is the thing that drives you, and that right there is called “staying the course”!

When writing music, where do you get your inspiration from? There’s a saying “still water runs deep” and I feel my inspiration comes from those depths.

You can connect with the indie-pop band WYO by visiting or connecting on Facebook and Instagram.

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