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Interview: Jenna Raine Shares the Story Behind Debut Solo EP

On her debut solo EP, singer/songwriter Jenna Raine lights up each track with her infectious energy and insightful lyrics. Also an actress—and a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, guitar, and ukulele—the self-driven 14-year-old matches her magnetic voice with a radiant presence and heartfelt spirit.

Jenna Raine shares the inrpiration behind debut EP, upcoming tour with Max + Harvey, plus much more in our exclusive below.

What’s the inspiration behind your single “Us”? The song is about the strongest bond I’ve ever had with someone, which is a friendship. I knew (and felt deeply in my heart) that I wanted to write about it. As Candice Pillay and I were thinking of topics to write about, I was looking through pictures of my best friend and me from when we were little. We have always been friends but as we grew older there was some kind of divide in our friendship. In this song I really wanted to reach out to her. Let her know I’m still here and I still care. We’re still best friends to this day but at one point in time we weren’t in the best place. I know a lot of my listeners and fans deal with these kind of friendships. It’s life. I wanted to write something that is true to me and my fans.

When shooting your music video for “Us”, what were your ideas that you wanted to come to life? I wanted my story to come to life and I think the “Us” music video portrayed it perfectly.

You went on tour with Max & Harvey’s UK tour. What was that like for you? What was most memorable? Tour was an absolute dream. I have always dreamed of going on tour and performing my music for others. Being on tour with Max & Harvey was so much fun. We were always goofing off and working on covers and music off stage. My first single “Us” came out while I was on tour. After the song came out, a lot of people began to sing along. The most memorable moment was when I sang that song at the London show. I could hear every single voice singing the lyrics out with love and passion. It was all I’ve ever wanted.

What can fans expect in the future? Upcoming Tours? Music? My debut EP “Nen” comes out January 25 so everyone can be on the lookout for that! There are 6 songs on the EP but I’m always working and writing new music. Throughout this year I will be releasing loads of music so you can follow me on social media to stay updated! I’m actually going on another tour in the UK with Max & Harvey again in April! We’re also going to Germany for the first time so that’s exciting. This year is gonna be amazing!!

Where can our readers follow you at? Everyone can go follow me @itsjennaraine on all social media platforms!

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