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Don't Be A No Show!

I’m sure majority of you guys have a friend, who flakes on plans all the time. You are all set, ready to go, and last minute you get a text that they can’t all of a sudden make it. Even though, this was planned weeks in advanced. Imagine having to deal with people flaking in a business setting. Not cool right? Any type of business and/or job is a commitment. In the music business, if you say you’re going to write, play a show, show up to a meeting, you better show up. Being a no show ticks people off. People begin to lose trust in you. There’s one thing when things happen in life that we cannot control, but another when you just don’t feel like going. The music business might look like all “fun and games” from the outside, but in reality it’s still a business. You have to be able to keep a professional line.

If you are unreliable, you will lose many great opportunities. The word gets around fast to people. Depending the circumstance, it’s never a good idea to cancel on someone last minute. You flaking and/or being a no show, effects everyone around you. It takes a lot of preparation for a show. If you cancel last minute, they have to find who can replace you on the spot. I see this a lot of times with bands. The guitarist, bassist, or drummer decide to not show or cancel at the very last minute. When this happens, the whole show falls flat. You can tell the one person, who filled in last minute was not prepared whatsoever.

When you are a no show for a gig, you let your team down. Now when you are a no show for a co-write, you miss the opportunity of potentially writing a hit song. Maybe you didn’t believe in the person you were writing with, or think there was no benefit for you. There’s one thing being straight up and saying no, I’m not interested. But on the other hand, if you say yes and don’t show up, there will be a lot of people who are not going to want to work with you in the future. Companies will either turn you down and/or fire you, if you continue with this sort of behavior. For instance, skipping meetings, canceling on gigs last minute, not showing up to co-writes, etc. Anyone who works in the music industry, they know everything. If that’s the kind of attitude that you have, you will not last very long in this business.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post! Stay tuned each week, for I’ll be posting more helpful insight.

Xo Brittany

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