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How To Turn Followers Into Fans

Social media is the artists game. It’s how they are building a name for themselves on the online world. What I’ve noticed is more artists are invested in building a massive social media following. They’ll do anything to make themselves look more popular than what they really are. Artists will spend all this money on buying followers and/or paying someone to manage their social media accounts. But is it really helping their career?

Having a massive following might give you a nice presence on social media, but how much is it really benefiting you, when only 5 people out of 50,000 followers are showing up to your gigs? Yes, I understand that not everyone, who follows you is from the same area that you play at. But lets say you’re a Nashville artist, playing local gigs around the area. About 5,000 out of 50,000 are from Nashville. 10 people out of 5,000 actually show up to your gig. There’s obviously something that is not working. How can you change followers into real fans? Today, I'm going to share my social media plan that I think will benefit you, and be able turn those followers into fans.

1. Value

Are you bringing value to your followers? Why should they follow you? What are they benefiting from your content? What I have noticed, people seem to be more invested in content that they can personally relate. If I can relate and feel like I’m apart of their “community,” I want to invest more time in getting to know this artist. I’m more likely to show up to see them play, when their content on social media is bringing value to my feed. You already know, what attracts to your eye the most on social media. Bring what you would want to see in your feed to your page.

2. Don’t rush the game

Once you start worrying about how many likes and followers you have, you already lost the game. Yeah, a number might make you look cool for a little bit, but the number eventually gets you exposed. People will start to catch on that you’re really not that big. The difference is, buying followers gets you a number to look at. Slowly building a real, legit following, builds a fan base. You can’t worry about the amount of followers and likes someone else is getting. Just focus on your game.

3. Be social!

They don’t call it social media for nothing. You have to be social. As I have mentioned before, interaction is important. If you’re communicating with your followers, they are more likely to become fans of yours. When you are interacting with them, they will feel like they are connected with you on a personal level.

When Taylor Swift first started out, she began building a fan base on MySpace. I think why she was so successful was because she got to know her fans, while they got to know her. She wasn’t just posting her music or a pic, but actually going the extra mile for them. She answered back to messages. Her fans felt like they were Taylor’s friend than just a fan. I think when you are able to make your fans friends on social media, the more success you will have.

Think about in real life. When your friend does something and needs your support, you’re there for them, without even questioning it. If they built a business, selling items, or even if your friend was an artist themselves, you’re going to buy their stuff and/or show up to their shows. When your fans become friends, they will begin to do the same.

4. Tell your story

You’re an artist, you tell stories all the time through songs. What makes that any different than social media? Same thing, just in a different way. With a song, an artist is creating a sound with words to tell their story; whereas, social media, you are able to create a visual for your followers. What’s your story? How are you going to tell it?

The accounts that have always stood out to me, they had a balance between showing the artist side, but also a little bit of what they do outside of playing gigs and music. Now I’m not saying document your whole life. You have to somehow find a way of showing both sides here and there. It gives a personal touch. Your followers will feel invited in your life. Create content that will make them feel as though, they know you on a personal level. I have said it time and time again, in the end, it’s all about creating a community through social media.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog post. Stay tuned for more!

Xo Brittany

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