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Just Be Yourself

Stop looking at everyone as your competition! You are only wasting all that time and energy in complaining, why someone else is doing better in their career. They aren’t your competition, you are. The only way to continue on moving forward in your career is to work on YOUR craft. Not worry about what someone else is doing.

Time is your best friend. Just because things happen to be moving faster for someone else, doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It just means there’s things that need to be worked on. Instead of worrying about what someone else is doing, maybe you should work on making yourself better.

The worst thing to do in this type of business is to be jealous of someone else. You should want to work with this person. You can learn from them, as much as they can learn from you. Being jealous of someone else isn’t making you any better. You complain why someone is where you want to be instead of actually doing. Don’t worry about what they are doing. The only person you should focus on is YOU.

Xo Brittany

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