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Tyson Leamon Tells Family Story in 'Outlaws and Angels'

From a young age, East Tennessee native Tyson Leamon was destined to become an artist. One of his earliest memories was learning harmony while singing in the choir at his father’s church. As Leamon grew older, his taste in music fluctuated as he performed in a variety of bands throughout high school. This allowed him to get his foot in the door in the music industry and taught him some harsh realities of expectations and standards within the industry. “I learned that whether you’re in a secular world or a Christian world, people tend to set their own standards on what you should and should not do and that’s where some might get “agenda” and “standard” mixed up. If you are performing a country show but decide to end the night with a gospel song, you should be able to do that. Some people are so worried about how they’re supposed to do things while I think the formula for success is just being real” he says. These lessons are now being used to help Leamon jumpstart a career in country music. His newest single “Outlaws and Angels” is pure country and the lyrics touch the hearts of every kind of country music fan.

“Outlaws and Angels” is a very personal song for Leamon, as he is paying homage to both his father and grandfather. “For my entire life, I had been trying to figure out what song I could write that would embody how I was raised. With my daddy being a Baptist preacher and my papaw running moonshine as a bootlegger, I kind of lived in a world where outlaws and angels collided” Leamon says. This empirical track was performed acoustically by Leamon in the music video, giving fans a raw cut of the song. “I wanted to translate that acoustic version of the song first because I wanted to project a realness and authenticity to my music because if it’s just me and my guitar, the fans get to hear the words and feel the lyrics without any of the production. Lots of artists today release the produced version and then release a broke down version but I wanted to do it the opposite way because I wanted fans to know that I was being 100% real with them from the very beginning.” This version of the song adds even more weight to Leamon’s authenticity and will surely be an upside in the future.

This same authenticity can be seen in all of Leamon’s music, and he plans on releasing even more in the near future. “I am in the studio right now and we’re in the process of rebranding a little bit, i’m working with some new people around me and we’re exploring our options. I plan on releasing an EP by the end of this year and a full-blown album during the spring of 2019.” With the amount of airplay and fans that Tyson Leamon is racking up, it will be no time before he is one of country music’s newest stars.

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