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Re-Live Your Summer with Brian Schram's Summer Life

With the summer’s sun setting and autumn quickly approaching, Brian Schram’s new music video for his latest single “Summer Life” will make you reminisce on the last few months that were filled with the fun and freedom that everyone loves. The video was filmed in the deserts of New Mexico and on Lake St. Clair in Michigan, giving it a unique background. In it's first week, it already has close to 900 views on Youtube and that number should grow in the coming weeks as Schram’s newest track is now on streaming sites and all digital retail platforms. His song is being played on at least 30 stations, which Schram is very proud of. “One of the things my manager told me was that he didn’t care if this took two, three, four, or five years, we’re not recording anything until we both know that we’ve got something solid. After looking back at writing 100 songs and then finally getting to that point to where we could record some of them, and now it’s out there at the world’s fingertips, it’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me” He says.

“Summer Life” is on Schram’s newest album Just a Guy. This eight-track album features a variety of different songs each with different stories, showcasing his abilities to not only perform, but to write. “My manager and I got together and we talked about what songs to put on this album and one of the things we discussed was making sure it did have that variety. I think what we have here is a cool sound that’s my own but still different topics. With the idea of concept albums becoming very popular and trendy in the music industry , Just a Guy will give fans the option to pick a song depending on how they’re feeling."

The single itself has a special meaning to Schram, who spends lots of time outdoors during the summer fishing and performing. By writing his own songs, he has been able to find inspiration from his own real-life experiences, but writing often takes time to get it one-hundred percent right. “I wrote “Summer Life” from scratch in a 10x10 studio and there were actually two versions of the song. The first version was the same verse but the chorus was way different and as an artist, you try to make everything as best you can, you want people to relate to it. And after a few listens, I just thought it could be better. After going back and coming up with some ideas, we finally got it right and it was one of those goosebump moments, I knew that it was the song.”

With songs like “Summer Life,” Brian Schram has an abundance of talent to work with and he is currently on showcasing this talent and potential on Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere else music can be streamed and downloaded.

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