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Tegan Marie Shares the Foundation of her Career + Inspiration of Latest Release

14 year-old Warner Music Nashville artist, Tegan Marie is currently making talk around the world with the release of her latest video, "I Know How To Make A Boy Cry".

(Photo Credit: Sweety High)

The video was is a near shot-by-shot tribute to Elvis Presley’s iconic 1968 Comeback Special, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It was directed by Veronica Zelle, who manages Tegan Marie alongside Frank Simonetti. Zelle and Simonetti are also the co-founders of Gen Z media platform Sweety High.

Marie co-wrote the song in 2016 with veteran writer, Nathan Chapman. Marie only had three other professional co-writes before stepping in the room with Chapman, spending much of her childhood writing songs solo.

"Do what you gotta do / My mascara's waterproof / Say what you gotta say / No black lines running down my face," she proclaims in one of her favorite lines in the song, knowing her fans will connect with the message.

"I wanted to write a song about girl power and sticking up for yourself and taking the high road and being the bigger person," she says of the origin of her latest single. "My whole life I've grown up with a lot of different people and knowing that girls can basically do the same things as boys can. Being with Sweety High really made me think of girl power and empowerment and being true to yourself and being who you want to be."

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