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Premiere: Dustin Collins Track-By-Track; 'The Barn'

Newcomer Dustin Collins showcases an impressive new single with the release of "The Barn". Throughout the lyrics it tells the story of a country boy trying to get his girl up in the hay loft for romantic adventures. The track is packed with skilled production and personality-packed vocals make this song one that will be heard all across the country.

Average Joe's Entertainment artist, Dustin Collins has already had a bit of chart success. His single "Cold Dead Hands" hit number one on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart. He just released his new album "It's Been Awhile"

It's Been Awhile track listing:

1. The Barn

2. Cold Dead Hands

3. Pieces

4. Texas Was You

5. Bonfire Songs

6. It Always Starts With You

7. It's Been Awhile

We're super excited to premiering the Track-by-Track video for Dustin Collins single, "The Barn", below. You can follow Dustin by visiting his website

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