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Savvy & Mandy Share the Confidence Behind New Release 'Wildfire'

Savvy & Mandy are one of the most authentic and talented artists in the country pop genre today. Based out of Los Angeles, the sister duo just released their newest single, "Wildfire".

Savvy & Mandy's personalities and music caught the attention of Phil Guerini (Vice President of Music Strategy for Disney Channels Worldwide and General Manager of Radio Disney Country). Soon after meeting, they were offered their own radio show on Radio Disney Country. They are the first artists to have their own show on the channel. the Savvy & Mandy show airs every Tuesday at 3pm PST on Radio Disney Country.

The girls new single, "Wildfire" is a perfect example of their dedication to the country genre with their passion of sharing strong and confident women.

What's the inspiration behind your newest single "Wildfire"? The inspiration behind “Wildfire” came from a funny place. Oddly enough, Savvy was up late looking around on Pinterest when she came across this insanely awesome picture of a women standing confidently in front of a bonfire. She saved the image and thought, "There's a song here, but what is it?". Then the title “Wildfire” came to her mind. The next day, we had a studio session with our friends Tyler Shamy and Fabio Angelini. She told us her idea and we ran with it. The song is about a woman who is confident in herself and her flaws. She knows who she is and she won’t let anyone extinguish her flame. She is warning someone, “You can try to be apart my life if you want, but don’t be surprised if you get burned”.

How did the formation of Savvy and Mandy come to be? We both loved singing growing up, but we didn’t decide to form a duo until we went on an audition looking for girls ages 13 and up for a new girl group. At the time, we were 9 and 11, and were obviously too young for what they were looking for, but we decided to go on the audition anyway to gain experience. We both sang a song and did an embarrassing dance that we made up. We left thinking nothing was going to come of it, but then a few hours later we received a call from the managers who were casting for the girl group and they said that they wanted to completely scrap what they were casting for and make a whole new project around me and Savvy. That’s when we decided to become a band and we haven’t looked back since!

What advice would you give to other females? Always believe in yourself and don't let anyone try to tear you down. As a woman, I feel like there is this unfair standard that people put on you to act a certain way, talk a certain way, and dress a certain way. And I think that's BS. Act how you want to act. Talk how you want to talk. Dress how you want to dress. Because the only person you need to impress is yourself. Don't ever change who you are because someone wants you to.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? We will be releasing our new EP within the next few months. We will also be releasing a fun lyric video for our single “Wildfire” really soon! Besides that, we plan on continuing to sing, write, and perform!

You can learn more about Savvy & Mandy by visiting their website at You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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