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Christopher Shayne's New Video Review 'Burn Me Down'

With a unique sound of both Country and Rock music, Christopher Shayne releases an uptempo music video along with his newest single “Burn Me Down”. Christopher being the lead vocalist of the group, he truly brings that southern twang to his music there is not doubt who he is and what genre of music lights his fire. He is not a man to be corned into just country, this man brings the rocker out with force.

The video starts with Christopher sitting on a car playing guitar. Following, you will begin to see a trend of what seems like everything that could happen on a bad day will in fact happen. With the lyrics, “Burn me. Burn it down. Build it up again.” you see through the story line that it is just a bad day, not a bad life.

The video is truly inspirational in a sense that people will try to tear you down, but what is important is getting back up and continuing with what you set your mind to do. You see this in action at the end of the video when all the bad things that take place throughout the video: the coffee spilling, vandalizing a car to relieve stress, and letting others intimidate you, all these things change in a reverse motion indicating that nothing ever happened. In the end, the message conveys that negativity feeds off itself. Building yourself up is what is going to help you to keep going.

Great video Christopher and the song and lyrics are great.. definitely a catchy tune.

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