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We're Getting to Know Kelsey Lamb Little By Little

Kelsey Lamb isn't stepping down anytime soon. Her debut single, "Little By Little" is the perfect story line for anyone needing a little lift-me-up. With this new release, Kelsey shows the world what she's really all about.

"I wrote Little By Little with Erik DiNardo and Jesse Labelle. I knew this song was going to be my debut single the day we started writing it." expresses Kelsey. "The inspiration came from my life in that moment, I was starting a new relationship that felt like we weren’t on the same page as far as how fast or slow we were gonna take it and that inspired the song idea for me! It's just the cute reality that we all face in new relationships where you have to compromise and meet in the middle when it comes to how fast or slow you’re gonna take things!"

Most recently, the songstress has been working in Nashville with many writers working on her highly anticipated debut EP which will be released in 2018. Lamb is working with the acclaimed Nashville producer Bill McDermott on the EP. Lamb is also in the studio with Multi-Grammy award-winning producers and co-writers who have worked with contemporary country stars.

Kelsey isn't stopping anytime soon on the path to stardom with her musical career. She's preparing to hit the road on a radio tour and will be performing at other venues in Iowa, Tennessee, Florida. If you'd like to view her tour schedule, please visit

To learn more about Kelsey Lamb, please visit her website

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