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Cort Carpenter Takes Us Back To His Holy Ground

Cort Carpenter knocks it out of the park with his brand new single “Holy Ground!” Unlike his other previous works that are fun, upbeat and perfect for a summer party on a beach, “Holy Ground” is a very personal song that takes you on a journey into a special part of Cort's life. Holy Ground will take you to a place you call home, or what you consider to be your holy ground. For Cort, the baseball field is his holy ground. Cort does not just shine on the stage, but on the field as well. He was an outstanding, baseball player. He then furthered his baseball career in college at the University of Portland. Just by listening to his new single, the lyrics and tone of his vocal you can experience how much influence baseball has had on his life.

Over the years, Cort has built a name for himself. For an independent artist, he has built up a tremendous fan and social media following. He plays in different cities throughout the year, but his home base is Nashville.

Since the release, “Holy Ground” has been getting much love from fans and the music industry. Throughout the song, Cort takes us on a journey home with his lyrics. “Holy Ground” will take you back to Cort’s hometown, but also will have the listener thinking about their own holy ground.

“Holy Ground” is a must listen. It is relatable and will take you back to your holy ground, wherever that may be. The new single is available on all digital platforms.

For more information on Cort Carpenter visit his website

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