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Review: (Single) Drea & The Marilyns Storm In with Calgary

Mysterious. Melancholy. Masterful.

At first listen the opening music bed to Drea & the Marilyns “Calgary” is brooding – an enigmatic, dystopian like sound. Its beat prods the listener to further dive into vocalist Drea’s haunting voice. “Calgary” is ripe with potent lyrics and stirs solemness, yet, brightens into a world of discovery.

Drea hails from Seattle – her voice trickles like a grey bird swooping through remnants of Feist, Sade, Lana Del Rey and even particles of Annie Lennox. Just as you cozy up to this songstress, a wall of sound hits. Awash with emotion and an eerily-electricity, Drea & The Marilyns’ keeps calling you to “wait and see.”

And, like that, she sews up the song with simply singing “Calgary.” Rest assured, I will be listening … and waiting to see what’s next.

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