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Review: Keeper of the Plains Keeps on Rollin

Texas has produced a number of Country music stars throughout the years, and lead singer Michael Gutierrez knew that if he wanted to be part of the same country music royalty, he would have to re-locate himself to the heart of Texas. The Kansas native may have left the only town he had ever known, but he brought along something with him; a symbolic name of an Indian Chief statue located in Wichita. This name would become his band’s name, The Keeper Of The Plains.

Gutierrez has a lot of experience in the music industry, sharing the stage with famous artists like Kellie Pickler, David Nail, and even Otis Williams from The Temptations. Performing with these world-renowned artists have motivated Gutierrez to create his own blend of the nostalgic red dirt country sound that everyone loves.

The band’s new single Keep on Rollin’ is the first single they’ve officially released to country radio and with its inspiring lyrics about perseverance and making the most of everyday, this song will be a hit all across the country in the near future. The group wanted to release this particular song because they felt it would relate a lot to their listeners, most of which are blue-collar, middle class Americans that may need a song like this to help them get through their day.

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