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Interview: Rock Band Taking a Unique Take on Modern Indie; Synthetic Ghosts

Synthetic Ghosts is a New Orleans based two-piece rock band that takes on a modern edge on indie music. Synthetic Ghosts talk about latest EP release, upcoming projects, plus ghosts.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You released your EP in November. Off the EP, what is the song that means the most to you and why?Most songs on the EP are about past relationships. Whichever relationship meant the most correlated with which song would mean the most. However, since those relationships are now in the past, those particular songs probably have lost a little bit of their significance. Don’t get us wrong, we still bang the songs, they’re brilliant. In this case, if we had to choose one track, we’d probably go with “The Collider,” solely because people go ballistic when they hear it live. The song was written as a joke about stereotypical antagonists in horror movies, so people “murdering” each other during a mosh pit really has to mean something.

You’re currently working on an album that will be released this spring. What can fans and readers expect from this release? The songs are definitely longer. On our first EP, we were always fascinated by writing early Beatles-esque tunes, where each song would be about 2 minutes long, short and to the point. As listeners we found these short, concise compositions appealing. However, our new tunes are mostly products of extended jam sessions. We sat across from each other with a variety of instruments and electronics and played to a drum machine. Unlike our last EP, we wrote these new tunes without many preconceived ideas. The songwriting process was much more fluid and natural. It was a stark contrast from the first EP, where we mostly wrote the songs alone on an acoustic guitar. So in the end we ended up with these 4-5 minute jams where every part is complex and detailed, and we couldn’t imagine cutting anything out. The songs might sound even more exciting and organic now in terms of the composition, and we dare to say even more synthetic in terms of instrumentation (we absolutely fell in love with the little drum machine we were using, the crazy effect pedals, and the movie samples we collected along the way).

A music video for your single ‘It Follows’ is currently in the works. What’s your plan for the music video? It’s whatever our filmmaker friends come up with. We put a lot of trust into our friends’ ideas, they are incredibly talented. As long as there is food and booze on the set, and we get cigarette breaks every 10 minutes, we will do virtually anything.

How did the formation of Synthetic Ghosts come to be? We both just felt like the world was desperately lacking new and exciting pop/rock music. We had great tunes and specific ideas of what we wanted to see at concerts, and literally as soon as we realised that we both shared the same capacity to turn these ideas into reality, the band came to be.

MUC Random Question: Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, the evidence is overwhelming.

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