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Interview: Paving the Road to Stardom; The Reklaws

The Reklaws are paving the road for their musical career as they hit the path for stardom. Signed to Universal Music Group Canada, the brother and sister duo chats with us about their recent release of their EP, single 'Hometown Kids', and the future!

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! I love the lyrics you guys present with your current single ‘Hometown Kids’. What’s the inspiration behind the song? Why did you choose this for your single? Hometown Kids, felt like it was our true introduction to the country music world! After all the time we took to better understand ourselves as people, and artists we finally sat down with writers who prioritized getting to know us, and BOOM… Hometown Kids was the first song we wrote with them.

We wanted to make sure we released a song that allowed people to see that we are just like them! Because we are the kids who love a Friday night bonfire with our hometown friends! As I’m sure many people do, it was important for us to write an anthem that introduced us to our fans.

Your single ‘Hometown Kids’ introduced your label debut with Universal Music Canada. What is it like working with such a major record label? We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Universal Music Canada. The support that we have felt from these people is like no other, they have allowed us to take the time to be the best writers and artists that we can be! Because of their patience and continued belief, it allowed us to write songs that we are so excited to share with the world, we are so proud to call Universal home!

You just released your recent EP ‘Long Live the Night’. What can fans expect from this EP? This EP is so exciting for us! We released a 3-Pack, which contains three songs, each showing a different side of The Reklaws. We both like to be considered as “lead singers” so when it comes to releasing songs we wanted to make sure that you are hearing both of us! So for this 3-Pack you will hear a song by Stu, a song by Jenna and then one together! You will also hear that each song shows a different side of our “ReklawSound”, a Pop side as well as a countryside.

You teamed up with James Barker Band for a single called ‘Wish You Were Beer’. What’s the inspiration behind single? What was it like working with them? Wish You Were Beer, was a song that we had written almost 2 years ago! And for the longest time we look at it as more of a ‘joke’ song, but after continued requests to sing it at our shows, and watching the audience react to it, we knew it was a hit and that something special had to be done with it!

Which is why we reached out to our good friends, JBB! They stepped in and made this song cooler than we could have imagined! James’s ripping guitar solo, and the outro with all the boys and of course Jenna made it special! We are excited to get on stage with them in the near future to preform it for everyone!

How did The Reklaws come to be? The Reklaws came to be, because we didn’t want to be known as just “The Walkers” which is our last name, to us, it sounded boring… so before one café show when we were 17 and 15, our mom came up to us and said, why don’t you guys call yourselves The Reklaws (which is our last name backwards) and it just stuck, so since then that is who we have been!

What can fans/readers expect in the upcoming months? In the next couple of months, you can expect to see us touring, as well as dropping another “3-Pack”! We want to continue to show everyone songs, we have been writing over the past 5 years and have music that we are over excited to share with everyone.

MUC Random Question: What’s your favorite childhood memory? Hmmmm.. favorite childhood memory… it would have to be the fact that we grew up on an Adventure Farm (YeeHaw Adventure Farm to be exact) So, our childhood consisted of hard work to get this farm set up for the public to come and visit! But once it was ready, and the public came, our whole family became the entertainment! We would out on a pig race show, an animal show, and we would dress up like Hillbillies and have different names (Jenna’s was Fancy and Stu’s was Billy Buck) it was a childhood like no other, but it shaped who we are today!

Where can our readers follow you at? Readers can follow us on all social media platforms, instagram (@thereklaws), twitter (@thereklaws), Facebook – The Reklaws, and our website –! These will keep you posted on where we are playing next! Because ultimately we would love to meet you!

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