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Josh Grider Talks New Album, 'GOOD PEOPLE,' and his Musical Roots in MUC Interview

Who inspires you musically and how deep do your musical roots run?

The foundation of who I am musically is 100% country. It was the music that I heard before I had any say about what I got to listen to. As I grew up and found other genres of music, I definitely fell in love with lots of different sounds and stuff…from metal, to gansta rap, to jam bands. Artists who inspire without fail, every time I hear them would include Chris Thile, John Mayer, Darrell Scott, Roger Miller, Willie Nelson…inspiration is a funny thing, it’s pretty dependent on the mood I’m in as to whether lyrics, or music, or production are what get me.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing for GOOD PEOPLE?

We were really just trying to offer and alternative narrative to how depressing the headlines can so often be. Times are tough not doubt, but there are two sides to everything, and especially having young kids at home I really wanted to be able to say….”yes something really terrible happened, but….”

How long have you wanted to do an album like this?

It had been since 2009, so I was very ready to take all that I had learned in that time and give it a go again.

Sticking with the title of the album, who are some of the best people you know?

My list is long, and I’m fortunate. I have a great family full of good people. My wife and boys are at the top of the list for sure. Cousins, brothers, parents, my grandma.

Are you playing any of the new songs live for fans and if so which song of yours gets the best crowd response?

"Good People" has been really well received. "Sex and Alcohol" and "Local Honey" are big winners as well. "My First Band" is the oldest song on the album and I’ve been playing it for a few years now, people really dig that one.

What’s your dream venue to play and why?

The Ryman. It would be the bucket list of bucket list gigs. There are others, but if I could only play one more show, and I had to pick the venue that would be it.

As an artist, you have so much to do such as writing, recording, touring, and interviews. What do you like best, what's your favorite activity?

I think writing is probably the most special to me. Making something out of nothing is pretty dang fun. A close second is playing live, once the creative process has happened…I can’t wait to share it.

After the album is out, what can we expect on the back of it? Music video, big tour, writing for the next album?

We’re gonna take it to the people the "Good Night 4 Good People" Tour kicks off soon! A couple more singles, another video…more songs. All of it!

Thank you so much Josh! Looking forward to March 2nd!







“The hardest thing for people to admit about themselves is that they’re going to change,” says Josh Grider. The country stalwart knows, because he’s done it himself. When you release eight albums, tour the country and abroad, sign publishing deals, top the Texas radio charts, and start a family all in just over a decade, you’re going to come out different than when you went in.

On upcoming new record GOOD PEOPLE, the New Mexico native turns the lessons he’s learned so far into an impressive collection of catchy, substantive country tunes — the kind that draw parallels between Grider and artists like Kacey Musgraves and Steve Earle. But Grider delivers them with a smooth neo-traditional baritone to rival Joe Nichols and melodic hooks that, when they hit you just right, feel timeless on first listen.

Lead single “Good People” is the perfect example. Written with longtime collaborator Bobby Hamrick and James Slater (who has hits with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, among others), “Good People” is Grider’s reminder to himself that, no matter all the tragedy we see on our TV screens, there are so many good people outnumbering the bad.

Slated for a March 2nd release, GOOD PEOPLE is beautifully understated, warm in delivery, and not afraid to embrace melancholy. It’s the kind of record that could, and should, redefine a career.

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