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Interview: Walker McGuire Dishes About Latest Self-Titled EP + Future Plans for 2018

Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire of Walker McGuire are the hottest act in the country music industry right now. With the release of the release of their self-titled EP, Walker McGuire deliver five songs that fans are sure to love. Jordan and Johnny dish on the inspiration behind their EP, story behind their single 'Lost', and food.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration/message behind the EP? I think the biggest message is we wanted to put out songs that when you hear the EP you want to come see us live. I think the live aspect of all these songs, every single song, goes over well live. We have three or four up-tempo that are really fun and that are really hands in the air kind of songs. And then of course “Til Tomorrow” being the first single and then “Mysteries of the World” being one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, it really, it really encompasses and shows who we are as a band and as a group of guys.

What's the inspiration for your latest single 'Lost'? The latest single “Lost” was written by myself [Jordan Walker] with Christian Bush and Justin Wilson on a writer’s retreat on the East Tennessee in a lake house and we got out there and started talking about different ideas and different song titles and I had a song title on my phone that just, it just said Lost, and it was a story about one of my buddies who was drivin around talkin' on the phone with his girlfriend and he literally got lost while he was talking to her and he won’t tell me if they were arguing, or if they were talking sweet to each other but he said he completely got lost from where he was going. I just thought that was an interesting thought. Being with someone, or being talking to someone and it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re just kinda lost or caught up in that moment.

How did the formation of Walker McGuire come to be? We met at a writer’s round, about five years ago in 2012. And we started writing songs really not knowing what we were doing, just kinda through our influences, and we thought it was a really cool sound. Eventually we met a guy named Gary Cotton who told us that we should start a band. He said our voices had something special, when we blended them and you know just through writing a bunch of songs and hearing enough people tell us that we had something special we decided to start the band and you know through four years of writing songs, meeting people, meeting like Mickey Jack Cones and the people at Vector Management, we were able to get a record deal and finally go out and promote our first two singles.

What can fans expect in 2018? A lot! We played 273 dates last year. You’ll see us at radio shows promoting “Lost,” and on the road with Granger Smith and Drew Baldridge later this year. We are really excited to play in places like Stage Coach and Country Fest this summer.

MUC Random Question: What's your favorite food?

Jordan: Aw man, my favorite food in the world is spaghetti and meatballs, but my fiancé has me on a no carb diet so sadly I’m gonna say pineapples and grapes.

Johnny: And I would probably say Mexican food. Enchiladas, tacos, unfortunately they are very fattening!

Where can our readers follow you? You can find everything about us at All of our social media links are on there. Thank you!


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