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Review: Sarah Harralson Watered Down Whiskey

Sarah Harralson

In Sarah Harralson's Brand New EP titled Watered Down Whiskey, she offers a mash-up of songs filled with heartbreak as well as living a small-town life that many country fans can relate to. Songs like Radio Static and Chasing Ghosts certainly pull at the listener's heartstrings and might even make you realize that your love life compares with Harralson and her experiences with love and breakup.

Harralson states that growing up, she was a quiet child and songwriting allowed her emotions to flow out which eventually turned into these authentic lyrics into songs. The Knoxville native has many musical influences, and in the song If Heaven Was a Honkytonk, she refers to many country legends like Keith Whitley and Patsy Cline, both of whom had many songs that dealt with heartache.

One song that offers a different vibe is County Time. Many small-town country music fanatics can surely connect with this song. They will be able to think of certain people in their own town and place them in the categories that Harrelson has provided to the listener. She speaks of how fast rumors are spread, and how church is just a way to push for your good image while still having alcohol on your breath from the night before and how content everyone is with it.

Watered Down Whiskey is one of Harralson's favorite songs that she has ever written. She wrote this song in hopes of comparing going on dates with someone new as watered down. Harralson and her song were discovered by Scotty Schultz who had just opened up his publishing company, Raindrop Music LLC, in 2015. After hearing Watered Down Whiskey, he wanted to sign her instantly.

This EP will help many people and hopefully some will have their heart healed by her emotional lyrics.

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