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Review: Dancing with a Broken Heart by Jeremy Harrell

Jeremy Harrell has released a new single, Dancing with a Broken Heart from his upcoming debut album Call On Me, which is set to release this coming spring. Dancing with a Broken Heart received a nomination for male vocalist of the year from The Hollywood Music in Media Awards held in Los Angeles November 2017.

 Jeremy is an independent award-winning vocalist and is known for his soulful voice. He can bring so many emotions to a room full of people with just smoky voice and acoustic guitar. Jeremy is one of those artist’s that fits into so many different genres. His new single, Dancing with a Broken Heart is so beautifully written, and is an easy listen. Listeners will instantly fall in love with this song. If you have had a broken heart, you will find healing in the lyrics and delivery of this song.

Dancing with a Broken Heart shows an array of emotions that is found in relationships. This song shows the pain of a relationship ending and a start to a new beginning. With that being said, you can tell Jeremy has put a lot of thought and time into this song. I’m interested to see if he will stick with this particular theme throughout the rest of the album. We will have to wait and see what Jeremy has in store for us in the spring with Call On Me.  

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