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Exclusive Premiere: Rock & Roll with Toe Tappin' Beat; 'Firebug Ronnie'

Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Sam Hadfield, will be releasing his new single, "Firebug Ronnie", on Friday, December 1st. Following this release, Sam will be releasing the rest of his new six-song EP, titled 'Finders Never Sing the Blues', which will be available in January of 2018.

''In the '70s, my mothers high school was intentionally burnt down by one of the students. Everyone had to take night classes at the middle school for a whole year while they were rebuilding." explained Hadfield. "My aunt have me a Zippo lighter for Christmas one year, so my father hooked me up with an old can of Red Devil lighter fluid that had been laying around the house. I was trying to come up with something to write about when I noticed the Red Devil can sitting on my windowsill. This is one of those songs that you live for as a songwriter because it happened very quickly. Most of my songs take a lot of blood and sweat."

Sam started writing songs in 2006, after discovering his love for folk music. "It's clean. A couple of the tracks are a bit risque and a few of them are introspective ballads. I think this is a good introduction to what I do." explains Sam, about his single. "Hopefully I can pique people's interest with this tune and they'll want to check out the album and see what I'm really like."

You can stream the track exclusively below. The new track will be available to stream or download for $1 on Hadfield’s Bandcamp site (

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