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We've Put 'Trace Repeat' on Repeat

Trace Repeat is showcasing a brand new single 'I Do' while chasing dreams and achieving goals. The rising group talks about the inspiration behind the single, music video campaign, and inspirations.

Nathan Lu Photography

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released the music video for your single, I Do. What's the inspiration behind the single?

'I Do' is a love song really, plain and simple. It takes a lot of inspiration from the big, dramatic 60s Soul slow jams that you get in a lot of the Al Green and Temptations discography. Big call and response harmonies, swelling string sections, and so on. I think the music video we did for it perfectly nails that sentiment, while also addressing the fact that we never really take ourselves too seriously. hah.

The music video was 100% funded by an online campaign. How does it feel knowing your fans support you? Pretty crazy! When we set out to crowdfund the record, it was really with the intent to raise a little bit of money, and avoid massive credit card debt. I don’t think any of us really expected to see such a huge outpouring of support from the communities we touched on, especially amongst the Asian American and API communities. Who are all of you??! I still can’t get over how grateful I am for this. Seriously.

You guys are a seven-piece soul-funk band. Where do you draw your inspirations from? I think The Oaktown Sound takes a lot of influences from the 50s and 60s funk and soul. When we wrote the record, I was heavy into a lot of the early James Brown and Stevie Wonder tones, and Zach was really digging into a lot of Prince’s discography too. Ultimately the record we ended up with is really just an album that I would want to listen to, if I heard a band playing out on the street.

MUC Random: What's your favorite tour memory? We actually just wrapped up a California tour up and down the coast last week. I’m not saying we definitely saw Ben Folds eating a hamburger at Astro Burger after the show in LA, but if it wasn’t Ben Folds, it was someone that looks A LOT like him.

Where can our readers follow you at?

On Facebook at, YouTube at, Instagram at @TraceRepeat, or on our mailing list at!

Thanks for having us!

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