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Review: Underneath by The Love Elektrik

You may know Nashville, TN as the home of country music, however, The Love Elektrik who just released their debut EP 'Underneath' and will peel the country layers back to reveal the truth. Nashville, TN is developing some of the best new indie artists across multi-genres.

With the mixture of dance, romance, and bold lyrics; the five-piece band presents a pop/rock debut album of pure gold. With Anthony Rankin's powerful vocals, you'll be taken to the pot at the end of the rainbow called The Love Elektrik.

You'll find a powerful collaboration track 'Physical' ft Jade written by Anthony Rankin and Alaina Cross a rising artist to the Nashville scene. The lyrics sing to a familiarity of a modern relationship we all have had or want, but with Jade's convincing vocals, you'll be certain this song was written about you. Overall, The Love Elektrik showcase their diverse talents with their release of 'Underneath'.


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