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Walker Hayes releases new track, “Halloween” ft. Nicolle Galyon, from forthcoming album, boom.

Monument Records recording artist, Walker Hayes, is releasing the second instant grat track, “Halloween” ft. Nicolle Galyon, from his forthcoming album, boom., due Dec. 8. “Halloween” was written by Hayes and hit songwriter, Nicolle Galyon, and features Galyon’s vocals on the unsuspecting love song. In conjunction with the song’s release, Hayes released the video withTooFab. The video is also available now on VEVO. “‘Halloween’ came to me as I was getting out of the shower one day and I saw one of those jack-o-lantern buckets that one of my kids had used to trick-or-treat. I have always wanted to write a love song for my wife that spoke to how comfortable our bond is. I met Laney as a kid and I didn’t know a lot about love or forever, but I knew I could be exactly who I was around her,” shares Hayes. “I took the idea to Nicolle Galyon and she was all for it. The vocal of hers, the vocal of mine, the skeleton of the song, we built all of it that one day in the shack. It’s a pretty special song.” The video depicts a scene reminiscent of a group therapy session, a concept Hayes came up with himself and felt was important to illustrate the confessional tone of the song. The clever and vulnerable love song touches on the figurative costumes and masks people wear to fit in until they find the person who helps them feel comfortable enough to be who they are, ending a verse with the below lyrics: I still put on my Superman cape and hide in it

But when I’m with you it comes untied for a minute Hits the ground in the shadow of your skin For the first time I was comfortable in mine Fans can purchase “Halloween” now here:

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