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Introducing A New Country: Steven Martinez

Steven Martinez is creating a following with catchy lyrics, recent release of EP, and his home state New York.

Thank you for chatting with Music Update Central! You just released your EP "Lucky". What can fans expect while listening to the EP? Thanks for having me! When listening to Lucky, I think listeners can expect to hear sounds they may have not heard in country music before. Think Hip-Hop and urban/pop influenced country in a new way. I’m super excited to see how my fanbase receives it. I think the project is telling of who I am as an artist and what I want to communicate.

Listening throughout the EP, your song Uber stood out to me. What's the inspiration behind the EP? Oh! This one has a fun story. I flew to Nashville to hangout for spring break and co-write with a few buddies. I had all these co-writes set up..but absolutely no ideas. I don’t know, I think I had just had an off week the week beforehand- so I ended up flying to Nashville with nothing. So my plane lands, and I call an Uber to my first co-write. I can’t show up to this co-write empty handed, so I’m desperately thinking of ideas, concepts, anything worth potentially writing a song about in the car. So finally it hits me…what about the car i’m in right now...Uber?? I actually brought the idea up at the co-write and it was turned down…fast forward a few months, I find the idea in my notebook and write the song in a half hour. Made a demo for it in two hours, which ended up being the final record. It was a quick one. “Lucky”, ironically, took two months.

You're originally from New York. How has that impacted your country music career? Being from NYC I think has given me a unique perspective on what it means to make country music. As someone who’s adopted the lifestyle- instead of growing up in it- I have opportunities to genuinely draw and pull from influences outside of country music. A bit like I was saying before; growing up around Latin, R&b and hip-hop music is definitely audible in what I write.

MUC Random Question: What's your favorite work out pump up? I’m weird- I actually listen to chill music when I workout. Usually its because I workout outside (running, weight-free workouts) and I like playing soothing, beautiful music alongside the scenery that I’m running around...Boston’s beautiful this time of year!


Instagram- @StevenMartinezMusic

Twitter- @StevenMMartinez

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