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PREMIERE: Country Girl Twerk by Cypress Spring ft Upchurch

With growing up in the same neighborhood, after graduating from Vernon High School, it didn't take Cypress Springs long to cross paths and form a band. "Kalan and I graduated together." stated Paul. "Tyler was a couple younger than the both of us. I was driving home one day when I saw a car pulled over on the side of the road. I stopped to check on whoever it was, and behold it was Tyler. He was trying to fix some fishing poles from rattling in the trunk of his car." further explained Paul "We got into a brief conversation about how our music was going. I told him that it just so happened we were looking for a bass player. He explained that he didn’t know how to play a bass, but I knew he played guitar." A year later, the duo became a trio with the addition of Tyler.

Cypress Spring is letting the country girls do their thing with their latest single Country Girl Twerk featuring Upchurch. With catchy raps and lyrical hooks, Country Girl Twerk will rock anybody's night especially the ladies. "Our producer sent us a beat stating this could be a good twerk song. With that being said, we decided to write a song for the ladies to dance to. Being how country girls are more of our demographic, we named it Country Girl Twerk." explained Cypress Spring.

The lyrics and beat the song provides for the listener will make you put this on repeat. You can watch the world premiere of the lyric video for Country Girl Twerk ft Upchurch below. You can also download your copy of the single on all digital platforms.

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