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Kesha’s New Album “Rainbow” Showcases all the Colors of her Musical Abilities

Kesha’s new album “Rainbow” just dropped today, and it’s something worth listening to. Kesha recently has been in the public spotlight dealing with a very personal situation. Not only was it personal for her, but it was personal and restricting for her as an artist as well. Now that she’s back, she’s hitting the ground running with a brand new 14-track album.

Kesha started off by releasing her emotionally charged and spiritual new song “Praying”, symbolizing her spiritual awakening as an artist. The album showcases her vocal range and her power to take on any genre she sets her mind to, each song on the album representing the many different colors of Kesha’s “Rainbow”. Kesha even brings in her Tennessee roots in “Old Flames” featuring Dolly Parton. This is still the same “Tik Tok” Kesha we have all come to know and love, but this album is meaningful for her growth as an artist. In her new bold track “Woman”, she reminds us that the same Kesha is still here to stay, but with a new fiery wave of confidence. Kesha proves through her music that she is an unstoppable force with an incredible vault of talent and tricks. Something I’ve always admired about Kesha is how effortlessly she inserts honesty and truth into her lyrics while remaining to stay true to herself as an artist.

“Rainbow” is about learning to forget those who have wronged you, while also seeing the importance of forgiveness. Forgiveness not in the sense of forgetting, but in the sense of being able to move forward and not letting your past continue to haunt you. It’s an empowering album painted with Kesha’s emotions that show off her grit and flair, while simultaneously portraying her ability to put out emotionally relatable songs like “Praying”.

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