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Newcomer Jordan Davis releases "Singles You Up"

Rising country artist Jordan Davis is sweeping the charts and playlists with his debut single "Singles You Up". The debut single just released to the radio airwaves and is gaining country music fans attention.

Jordan didn't get his start in country music. After graduating from LSU, Davis quickly made his way into songwriting right behind his brother Jacob Davis. Jordan is currently working on an album through Universal Music Group.

If you're looking for a summertime jam with the right lyrical hook and head-bopping beat, look no further. "Singles You Up" is a perfect party jam and it quickly will become the song you're listening to on repeat.

“‘Singles You Up’ is a song title that came from congratulating my co-writer on his recent engagement. We started reminiscing about old memories in college bars when we would see certain girls in not so great relationships and think we could be better boyfriends for them if we ever got the chance,” says Jordan. “We joked he was smart not to ‘single her up’ and thought it was a creative phrase. The rest of the song flowed from there.”

The ingenious lyrics, catchy title, and the production of the single are wonderful for fans and readers to dip their feet in and relate too. What would you do if the person you wanted to be with is already with someone? Songs like this one will make Jordan a household name.

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