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Exclusive Interview w/ Bobby Crane of CRANE

Thank you so much for chatting with Music Update Central. You just released your debut EP. What is the underlying theme of the EP or was it a collaborative mix? Of course! Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We did! The underlying theme would definitely be unhealthy or destructive relationships, as the majority of songs spotlight a flawed connection. However, we still through in a couple fun ones as well. The EP was all done by the band internally; written by myself (Bobby Crane), and produced by myself, Jesse Rhodes, and Mark Einhorn as well. :)

When did CRANE form? CRANE started forming in Late 2016 once I reached out to the Abstract Recording Studio to record a few songs. Mark Einhorn (Keys) and Jesse Rhodes (Guitar) were the engineers who helped take my demos to a more professional level. We developed a great relationship and the two were happy to turn my solo idea into a fully functioning band. From there, we found Billy Parks (Drums) through Instagram, and we recently acquired the talented Jeremy Bauer (Bassist) earlier this year through a mutual connection. I watched the music video for Fast Life and I enjoyed the storyline, what was the experience like making the video? The experience was really amazing. The girl in the video, Alex Themm, is a talented friend of mine who graciously helped bring our vision to life. We also had a lot of support from friends and family in the shooting process, so I am so grateful that they were all able to help lighten the load. The most interesting part of the entire experience was the amount of shooting that went into 3 days of straight shooting. Being that it was our first music video, we probably overshot, and our total shoot time was roughly 27 hours! (We were so tired!!!), and we also had never shot a music video before so it’s an odd feeling to put so much energy into something that really throws you out of your element. However, in the end, we are so happy with the way it came out and all the awesome love that our newfound fans-turned-friends have given us!

What is one of your favorite memories relative to being in the music business? My favorite memory would definitely have to be my first show. I had never played live for anyone before then, and I don’t even think my parents had ever seen me sing in person before then. I was the only nervous one, as the rest of the guys had all played live countless times beforehand, and I just remember not remembering anything of the first two songs I Performed because I promise you I must’ve been so close to passing out from experience. Keep in mind, I’m the same guy that would drop a college class if it required any presentations in front of the class lol. Good news though! — I am passed all my stage fright :) If you were a TV character, who would you be and why? This is probably one of the harder questions I’ve ever had to answer, but I would have to say… Michael Scott from The Office. The main reason being is because I LOVE him. I have probably rewatched every season multiple times and I still find myself laughing just as intensely. Also because he is hilarious, says whatever he feels without repercussion, and he has the biggest heart of anyone on the show. He’s a triple-threat. #GreatScott! What are your plans now since you released the EP? Currently, our plans involve wrapping up two other music videos, shooting more content videos for some unique cover songs we’ve finished up, meeting cool people in the industry, eating less junk food, and releasing singles this fall that will lead into another EP at the start of next year!

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