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14-Year-Old Rising Pop Star, Zeigh-V, Releases New Anthem For Those Lost Young “Gone Too Soon."

December 2nd, 2022 (Atlanta, GA): Rising Atlanta pop artist Zeigh-V releases new single commemorating the death of young people, "Gone Too Soon."

You can listen to the song here!

[Trigger Warning: Self harm, drugs, death]

“Gone Too Soon” is only the start of an extraordinary career. Seeking to provide a strong emotional impact towards its listeners, the vocals and instrumental within the track provide a perfect setup for the song that is to come. With lyrics made of gold, the song is sure to leave an impression on any listener.

Perfectly conveying the heartbreak involved in losing the people she loves, Zeigh-V’s music is like poetry, putting emphasis on the emotion in these tough times. She uses her powerful words to impact her audience. The emotion-filled story that we hear way too often, commemorates the young people that have lost their lives to drug abuse, mental illness, and the ones we have lost too soon because of a tragedy. The song inspires us to make a change to help our youth have a better future. “Gone Too Soon” is a song that reflects upon a loss that has occurred in life, as well as the sorrow that comes with living through the aftermath of that loss.

The single was written by Zeigh-V, Jimmy Joyner, Ryan Bars (co-producer), Mombru (co-producer), and Bryan Rucker (co-producer).

ABOUT ZEIGH-VZeigh-V is an up-and-coming pop star from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the movement's first signed artist, for a good reason. Zeigh-V is the embodiment of what A-POP® Entertainment represents: youth making a positive impact on society. Zeigh-V’s one true mission as an artist is to encourage kids to love one another by promoting uplifting themes of change and hope for future generations. Under direction by A-POP® Entertainment creator Jim Joyner and other musical influences, Zeigh-V has created a distinct, unique sound for herself, having a rich and mature vocal presence even though she is only 14 years of age. Zeigh-V is captivating, down to earth, and positive – she is something the music industry needs in this day and age. When asked what she wants to accomplish with her rising music career, Zeigh-V states, “I want to be able to help my peers who feel alone. I want to be able to lift their heads up when they feel like they can’t.” Alongside her true passion for making music and singing, Zeigh-V is also a talented artist and illustrator who plays flute, guitar, and piano. She also enjoys spending time with her cats and drawing anime. Her first single released under A-POP® Entertainment is “Gone Too Soon,” Zeigh-V says, “This song is to encourage young people to refrain from taking substances because we have already lost too many lives.”


From the founder of A-POP®, Jim Joyner, “Over my life, I have seen many issues that are affecting our youth. I knew a girl who was my friend in 8th-grade art class who was self-harming. Today, we are losing one teen every 10 hrs to fentanyl laced pills. I asked myself “What could be done about it?” I am the owner and president of Allstar Video Pitching Simulators, so in 2017, I began to pour my heart and financial resources into a brand new genre of music which I named A-POP®.”

A-POP® is not about releasing a new artist or another song, but it is a whole new movement. The heart of the movement is teen empowerment, starting with teens making a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and the condition of the world.

Our music’s style emulates that of a Top-40 pop sound with influences from K-Pop, Afro-Pop and other music from around the world.

Our first release is called “Gone Too Soon” by A-POP®’s first signed artist, 14-year-old Zeigh-V. “Gone Too Soon” deals with our youth dying from making what seems on the surface simple choices, but in reality led to an unexpected and sudden end of their life. The current trends ending many teens’ lives are drug-related, including the use of pills laced with fentanyl which they are buying in school hallways and from trusted friends. A-POP®’s messaging is always intended to be positive, creating a safe space in the music for youth and their families.

To stay in touch with Zeigh-V and all things A-POP® Entertainment, follow their website at


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