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Tucker Wetmore releases new single "She's Trouble"

November 12, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - Country artist Tucker Wetmore releases new single "She's Trouble." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Tucker Wetmore issues a written warning to others about the "small-town Cinderella" that broke his heart. This up-tempo, relaxed, melodic swing will have listeners entranced in a nostalgic daydream; wishing they were cruising down a country back road, singing along with the heartfelt vocals at the top of their lungs. The beginning verse does not fall short of including the right amount of imagery and painting the backstory of how he met this troubled woman. The lyrics "same old small town/ brand new face" showcases Tucker's pure excitement when he sees a new beauty with 'dusty Carolina plates" waltz her way into his life, wearing 'cut off jeans and an '02 ring." His description of her perfume smelling like danger hints that Tucker is no stranger to women breaking his heart. Wetmore proves that not everyone who walks into our lives has pure intentions, though it may seem like it at first. According to the lyrics, "All it took was one slow dance / to know I poured a mistake in my cup," he quickly realizes the mistake that he made in pursuing this woman. Penning the perfectly repetitive hook, " Should've known that she was trouble," Tucker undoubtedly regrets not listening to the initial warning signs. He also describes his heartache as a feeling that will leave you pouring double shots in the morning to cope with the pain of her leaving. Tucker's vulnerability, authentic talent, and honest writing poetically encapsulate a tender experience that unites millions of people around the world, who can relate to and rally behind the challenges of healing a heart that has weathered and endured a strenuous break.

"She's Trouble" Written by Tucker Wetmore and Carver Partin Production: Chad Brown Engineering: Chad Brown and Jesse Thompson at Fatback Music Mixing: Chad Brown at the East Nashvillian Mastering: Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studios Drums and percussion: Josh Day Bass: Anton Nesbitt Electric Guitar and banjo: Johnson Jay Steel guitar: Sam Wilson Acoustic guitar: Jesse Thompson Vocals: Tucker Wetmore

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Tucker Wetmore knows his way around a country song. His own life has unfolded like one, from his small-town childhood in the rural American Northwest to his time playing college football in Montana. When an injury dashed his hopes of going pro, Wetmore headed back home to Kalama, WA — population: 2,700 — and picked up his guitar, funneling his feelings into original songs that mixed country storytelling with modern melodies. Less than a year later, he moved to Nashville to begin chasing down his own version of the American Dream, sharpening his unique country sound with help from collaborators like Grammy-winner Chad Brown and co-producer Jesse Thompson. "We've got a little bit of love, a little bit of God, a little bit of honky-tonk, and a little bit of alcohol," Tucker says of his songs, which blend his baritone vocals with Telecaster twang, singalong hooks, chip-on-your-shoulder charisma, and the roll-up-your-sleeves determination of a Gen Z powerhouse who understands the value of hard work. A star athlete since childhood, Tucker first learned about perseverance on the playing field. He excelled at football, baseball, and track, earning four state championships during his senior year and setting a new state record in pole vault. Music provided a source of comfort and clarity throughout the journey, offering answers whenever Tucker found himself at a turning point.

"Music has always been my therapy. I see how much it has changed and affected my life, and if I can help at least one other person in a similar way, that would be more than enough for me." Like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen, Tucker is a member of the modern-day Spotify generation — a 20 something songwriter whose musical tastes are all-encompassing, influenced by genre-jumping playlists and the ever-expanding sound of country radio. He embraces that diversity in songs like the barreling "Kiss My A$$" and the country hymn "Dear Lord," creating music that nods to his influences while still stepping forward into uncharted territory. This isn't your grandfather's country music, in other words. It's country music for the modern world. With magnetic charm and melodic songwriting, Tucker Wetmore is striving to make a connection. To change someone's life. From the football field to the stage, he's always brought dedication and drive to his work… and these days, that work is sounding like a country star on the brink of a breakthrough. His most recent single, "Another Shot" debuted on Apple Music Best New Country Songs and Spotify's Fresh Finds: Country and was added to several highly-esteemed playlists, including CMT's Roundup playlist and the Academy of Country Music’s New Music Friday playlist.


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