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Tori Martin - Premiere of new Music Video "Living The Dream"

August 30, 2019 is a big day for Tori Martin! The release of her single, "Living The Dream", in June of this year, is having a big follow up event with the premiere of the video!!! Music Update Central, had the opportunity to talk with this rising star about the remarkable event as well as her life in Nashville, and what it took to get there. It was a great interview, or rather a chat between girlfriends, with some exciting news to share with each other. Now, you the reader and fans, get the chance to be in on the "Girltalk" with Tori. Just a note about the video, you will be blown away by all the different elements and aspects of the video, just like you are "Living the Dream" with Tori. Our talk started out asking Tori if she was in Nashville, and she said yes, and it was really hot. The next few questions, went like this:

MUC: Tell me about the video, your picture for the Ep looks very dreamy, is the video in that feel?

Tori: It kind of is, I was really excited about this video because I have a co-star alongside, I had never done a video like that before but it's all about female empowerment and chasing their dreams. The costar in it was a female Nascar Series Racer, *

Jennifer Jo Cobb. It shows her chasing her dream, although we are in different fields, we face a lot of the the same similarities, being female in a male dominated scene, so it's really cool to show even though we are walking different paths, so I am really excited to get it out to everyone.

MUC: Yes, that's great, and right now women empowerment is the theme of the year, so you are fitting right in.

Tori: Jennifer Jo Cobb, is a Gander Mountain Outdoor truck Series Driver. They put my name and face on the truck for the video , and they kept it on for her other races.

MUC: That's great marketing for you! So you are 24?

Tori: I am 25 now, I just had a birthday!

MUC: Happy Birthday! So you have been in the business all your life? Since you were a little girl? When did you find your passion?

Tori: I loved singing ever since I was a little girl, and I knew that is what I was going to do with my life, my family supported me on it, and when I was 16, I recorded my first single, "Falling Straight Up".

MUC: So you are living in Nashville now?

Tori: I have been here since 2017, (for 2 years)

MUC: What a great town, We love going there and listening to all the new talent, it's really cool.

MUC: Who would be the one person that you would want to sing with?

Tori: Oh that's Dolly Parton, hands down!

MUC: We always ask that question cause you never know the answer that an artist will come up with. Why do you pick her, is she your inspiration?

Tori: She is just my queen! I love everything about her. She is a great singer and songwriter, that would be insane!

MUC: So you haven't met her yet?

Tori: no not yet

MUC: Maybe one day you will!

MUC: What Venue in the whole world would you be dying to play? It's a broad question...

Tori: Wow, I know, but there is one place, The Grand Ole Opry!

MUC: Its an awesome place! Is there one city or town you would want to play?

Tori: I never played in NYC that would be great! Also, Paris, looks amazing!

MUC: If we came to one of your stage shows, what would it be like?

Tori: I'm very energetic, and I have a big voice, and like to have a lot of fun, I like to be interactive with people, and have some banter back and forth, make the audience feel comfortable.

We had some more girl talk, about touring, she plans to tour in 2020, and is working on a new album, releasing possibly in the fall. Tori states that she really hopes that her music inspires other people to follow their dreams, and if they do that, that would be great, she would feel like an inspiration. Tori, you are our inspiration at MUC and we will follow you to Paris one day........

* Jennifer Jo Cobb, races at Iowa Speedway and World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway near St. Louis. The #10 Chevrolet is owned and driven by Jennifer, a long-time NASCAR Driver.


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