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The Out of Control Dynamic Duo Sleep Nation Releases Their New Single & Video 'SPACEman'

The out of control rock n' roll duo Sleep Nation comes out of the gate swinging with strong electric guitars and loud, rich drums in their new single & video "SPACEMAN" ft. Daisy Dead from The Dead Deads. Their new single is available now for streaming & download.

“First off, ‘SPACEman’ is the first song released as the out of control rock n roll dynamic duo. We recorded everything as a 2-piece except for the bass which was provided by Daisy Dead from the Dead Deads. We met Daisy at Industrial Night at Exit In. We played “The Pot” by Tool together, and got the idea to get her to join in on the song since we didn’t have an official bassist for the band. We were so surprised and thankful that she agreed to join in on the song and the video. So, there is no telling who we could have guests on a song.” - Bran Merritt

Mixed with an extraterrestrial aesthetic and existential crisis, sleep nation’s newest music video for their single “SPACEman '' is absolutely out of this world. This nineties inspired song is a perfect blend of rock, alternative, and rap music. The combination of black&white and colorful shots tells us a story of one’s mind. The colorless shots allow us to reflect on the crises on earth within the lyrics, calling out to the spaceman above, “can you hear me scream?” The color-filled shots along with bright galactic outfits and retro decorations bring us to astronomic euphoria. This aesthetically pleasing video is full of nostalgia and fresh new ideas and is a perfect fit to your new years rotation.

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