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Country singer and songwriter Taylor Goyette releases new single “Just Another Country Song” on all digital platforms.

I wrote ‘Just Another Country Song’ by myself when I first moved to Nashville in 2014,” explains Taylor. “I was a little frustrated with the state of country music at the time because every song seemed to be about a girl and a truck. With a humorous perspective and playful satire, I jotted it down in about 20 minutes. I brought this song to my band and they helped me bring it to life with a rock ’n’ roll rhythm section and 90’s country-esque guitars.

Taylor broke onto the country scene in 2018 with a purpose of telling his own story when he signed to Nashville’s Galore MGMT after catching the attention of Emmy award winning songwriter Trey Bruce. The Florida native’s infectious melodies and poetic lyrics prevail in more than “just another country song” in addition to three other releases under his belt. You can learn more about Taylor Goyette by visiting


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