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Ships Have Sailed Debut Acoustic Version of "Stay"

Ships Have Sailed Acoustic

Press Release: Los Angeles-based Indie Pop act, Ships Have Sailed, have released the acoustic version of their latest single, “Stay.” The original version of the song, which dropped in June, has a dreamy, slightly retro aesthetic, making it perfect for your sultry, summer nights.

With “Stay” Carpenter expresses a deeper level of sentiment than ever before. “We all have that person,” says Carpenter. “If we're lucky more than one, who we know will stick with us no matter what...your ride or die.  I wanted to bottle that feeling and put it into song. And, we couldn't be more excited to share it with the world and feel how people react.”

Ships Have Sailed is the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist, Will Carpenter. The band materialized in the waning days of his previous project – a band in which he played an integral role ever since moving to Los Angeles. Carpenter’s decision to individually focus on new music was initially daunting, but the results have proven to be both invigorating and refreshing. Carpenter’s music is buoyant and uplifting, with thoughtful lyrics and an unabashed pop structure.  After sharing it with fellow musicians, Carpenter recruited a lineup that now permanently includes drummer Art Andranikyan.


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