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Rising Pop/Country Star Lizzie Cates Releases New Single"I Like The Way" for Pre-save

Pop/country singer-songwriter Lizzie Cates' new single "I Like The Way" is available for pre-save starting on July 15, 2020. "I Like The Way" will be released on July 31st on all digital and streaming sites. 

Listeners will "like the way" Lizzie's brilliant lyrics blend with upbeat melodies to create the perfect fun love song. Who doesn't "like the way" a good song feels?

Lizzie Cates reminds us of all the little things that make us feel loved with her new single “I Like The Way”. This rising female country star has delivered the perfect upbeat tune for all the summer road trip romances. The country vibe of the song is accented with beautiful electric guitar holds and a driving beat. Cates’ pristine vocals accentuate her message of how important the seemingly unimportant things are.

New loves can hold many unknowns and old loves can sometimes hold just as much uncertainty. This single speaks to looking at the possibilities of the future, being terrified of them, and still going for it anyway. As she sings “baby lookin at the skyline scares me, and I still want to see the whole thing” listeners will understand that sometimes things are worth taking a risk for.  Risks scare us but they oftentimes are evidence of how important something is. No matter what doubts we may have about a relationship, Cates will have us thinking of all the ways that it feels right as we listen to “I Like The Way”.

"I knew I wanted this to be a fun, upbeat love song. I love to write songs in metaphors. At the time, I had a huge fascination with New York City and loved the idea of how terrifying but intriguing and beautiful it is at the same time. I thought that was a great comparison to first falling in love with someone."-Lizzie Cates

"I Like the Way" was written by Lizzie Cates, Kate Hasting, Josh Beale, and Robbie Artress. Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ: Gideon Klein and Gabe Klein Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing: Robbie Artress Mastering: John Neclerio

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