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Review: Lockeland Releases A Music Video For Their New Single "Drive"

Straight from Nashville, the band Lockeland released their brand new single “Drive” along with a video. This song will have you driving along a backroad with the windows rolled down. This is their second track since they released their debut single “Til The Cows Come Home,” which received lots of attention by giving them a top 40 spot on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Take The Beatles, Eagles & Rascall Flatts together and you got Lockeland.

The video was shot at Leiper’s Fork, TN and Redneck Rivera on Broadway in Downtown Nashville. The storyline portrays a young love, played by Blake Kinsman and Christen Dye, set driving along on a dirt road in a Ford pickup truck. Then switches back and forth to shots of Lockeland playing in a bar to a crowd of people, putting on an electrifying performance. The video depicts a great visual for “Drive". It’s simple and captures the story perfectly.

“Drive” brings a fun and energetic presence just like Lockeland themselves. After a listen, you’ll know this song by heart. You can add “Drive” to all your playlists. It’s available on all music platforms. For more info:

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