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Reed Foley's New Music Video for "Beer Needs Drinkin'" Brings Viewers to Nashville's Broadway

Reed Foley’s release of his newest song, “Beer Needs Drinkin’” showcases a desire for the option to indulge oneself. The song is brought to life with easygoing lyrics, a mild but entertaining instrumental, as well as a strong vocal performance to act as a point of contrast. In addition to this, the music video also provides a more compelling add-on to the elements within the song. All of this adds up to an enjoyable experience that is sure to turn any listener into a fan.

The main message within the song acts as a pick-me-up for everyone needing to recharge. The vocals and background within the song provide a laid-back energy, which contributes to a feeling of relaxation. Additionally, the song’s lyrics provide a sense of fulfillment, as well as ‘excuses’ as to why one would drink. Overall, the song’s message, lyrics, vocals, and instrumental all contribute to a song about being able to enjoy alcohol in good times, as well as bad times.

“And some problems that need forgettin’ / It’s a raise your glass and tip it on back kind of weekend / Cause there’s a beer need’s drinkin.'’

Within the music video Foley, amongst other men, are seen walking around the city as well as indulging in their favorite drinks. The mood of the song itself seeks to give off a light-hearted sentiment, where having fun here and there is something one can partake in. Additionally, the video showcases Foley meeting new people through drinking with them; this showcases how the song shows a community strengthened by a common interest. The lyrics also fit into how the music video itself plays out, as both convey the idea of partaking in alcohol in a positive manner as an act of personal interest.

Reed Foley is an artist who has his aspirations set on making it big within the Nashville music scene. Not only debuting in 2017 with his release “Who's Turning You On”, Foley also opened for Jason Aldean and Tyler Farr at the Runaway Country Music Festival, achieving two massive feats for any rising music career simultaneously. Foley states that his country influences are inspired from artists such as Morgan Wallen, Eric Church, and Lee Brice, along with many others. Foley has risen to fame while also contributing massively to his community; Reed runs an annual Toys For Tots campaign, and so far has raised well over $20,000.

“Beer Need Drinkin’ “ is a song that seeks to represent a sense of community and celebration in its simplest form. Set against the backdrop of Nashville's bustling Broadway sector, Reed Foley is catching attention and bringing the people what they want.

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