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Randy Skinner and the Skin-Tones in Pursuit Create Funky New Tunes With George and Tracey Clinton

George Clinton (L) and Randy Skinner (R)

On a mission to bring funk back, Randy Skinner and the Skin-Tones in Pursuit recently collaborated with the man known as the “founding father of funk” George Clinton as well as Tracey Clinton. Together they created the funkadelic masterpiece that we know now as their latest single “Keeping the Funk Alive”. You can check out the groovy tune here.

Class is in session as this team brings back the classic funk sounds of the 70’s and shows these new generations how it’s done. George Clinton takes a lot of influence from his previous project titled “Parliament Funkadelic” which created an eclectic form of funk music during the 1970’s. They establish the funkiest groove of the 21st century that will make anyone want to get up and move. Then comes in the powerful horn section giving us a classic sounding melody that you’ll be humming all day. This song also features wonderful vocals from George Clinton and his son Tracey along with the Skin-Tones in Pursuit. Everyone gets their moment to shine in this single as there are multiple solos interspersed throughout. Listeners can hear the expert sounds of trumpet, guitar, and even saxophone.

This song manages to capture the unfettered passion and joy that funk, soul, and R&B encompass. “Keeping the Funk Alive” is a must listen!

Keep up with Randy: Website

Keep up with George Clinton: Website


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