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Pop Artist Dani Felt Releases a New single, "Queen" for Pre-Save

Pop singer-songwriter Dani Felt's sultry new single, "Queen", will be available for presave on July 24, 2020. "Queen" is releasing on all digital and streaming platforms on August 28, 2020.

"Queen" is a powerful song that presents an unapologetic narrative of female empowerment with distorted vocal fills and a haunting pop sound. Felt tells all that she means no compromise as she sings “whatever I want, whatever I say”. “Queen” inspires women to take pride in their power and sexuality and to leave no room for people who can’t support that. Each one of us is the villain in someone else’s narrative. Instead of being timid and accepting that, Felt urges us to become comfortable with being painted in a less-than-docile light. She emulates exactly what being a strong independent woman is. “‘Queen’ captures my alter-ego. I have always been seen as the nice girl, so I wanted to write a song that explores my own power and sends a message to men that women can be in charge.” - Dani Felt "Queen" was written by Dani Felt and produced by Eidan Molina at Invisible Heroes Studios in Nashville, TN.

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