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Pime Hernandez Delivers A Double With Release of Music Video "Whiskey Pretty"

February 26, 2021 (Nashville, TN)- Looking for a reminder of days when snow wasn’t on the horizon? “Whiskey Pretty” by Pime Hernandez will make you want to book a flight straight to his native Florida. Or maybe stop in Tennessee for some of that famed Tennessee Whiskey.

A song describing the reminiscing about the face of a past love, the airy acoustic guitar paired with the amber-colored hues of a smooth whiskey in Pime’s new video show that it will be the perfect track to take you from the high heat of summer to the falling leaves of autumn (though whoever he is describing is certainly “Whiskey Pretty” throughout all seasons). Taking inspiration from his subject matter, Pime spends much of his time singing about his past love in the presence of a glass of whiskey, certainly nothing less than 100 proof. As if hoping her face will appear in the glass’s reflection, several shots show him gazing pensively into his full glass. And when that doesn’t work? Go straight to the source. Pime grabs his guitar and heads over to the distillery to pray for a vision of her face there. It’s clear that the mere thought of her brings him a smile, despite their separation.

If a gaze into a full glass can give him a glimpse of the face he longs to see, a gaze into a full glass can certainly show us that Pime will “go down smooth.” A classic music video for a classic country song, David Allen Coe and his Tennessee Whiskey are surely quaking in their boots

Whiskey Pretty music video was produced and directed by Sarah Faith Shumaker. The song was written by Pime Hernandez and Christopher Hall. Song Production, Pime Hernandez and Ben Miller (Castle Sound Co.). Mastering Alex Wright.


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