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Philadelphia Rock Act Chris Day Releases His Long Awaited LP Hidden In Plain Sight

Chris Day’s new album release Hidden In Plain Sight brings the audience the perfect rock energy with a lot of emotions and guitar solos that will give you goosebumps. Hidden in Plain Sight was released today on all streaming & download platforms. You can listen to it here.

Track 1. "Let’s Go" - This song gives the audience energy that resembles a live performance, which will make it hard to sit still while listening to it.

Track 2. "The Lie or The Truth" - The song gives this older rock-inspired song a modern approach, making it unique. The guitar solo towards the end of the song adds a nice element to the song’s energy, giving it more depth.

Tack 3. "Dammed" - This track continues the upbeat energy from the album but with a lot more focus on instrumentation. Track 4. "On We Go" - "On We Go" gives the audience a change with its more sentimental lyrics (“I thought I was safe/I thought you were mine”) and a bit calmer melody. Moreover, the background voices used in the song add a special effect to the song, making it more unique.

Track 5. "Fear What You Love" - Track 5 continues the more sentimental energy from the previous song. This track has a calmer melody, while also showing Day’s powerful and emotional voice.

Track 6. "Walk Away" - "Walk Away" gives the track another nice switch, with softer instrumentations and vocals, giving it more romantic and nostalgic energy (“you got too many years on the road/ your story's been told.")

Track 7. "White Light" - "White Light" has soft and peaceful instrumentation, which reminds the listener of a movie or TV show soundtrack, adding another great change and uniqueness to the album.

Track 8. "Set A Fire" - "Set A Fire" brings the album’s energy back to its more upbeat melodies, which contrasts well with the previous track being a soft instrumental.

Track 9. "Come Back" - Track 9 leaves the audience a nice mix of an upbeat melody with soft vocals and background vocals, which makes the song extremely contagious, being perfect as we approach the end of the album.

Track 10. "Sorry" - "Sorry" seethes with contagious rock energy with more melancholic lyrics, such as “I’m sorry that our love has died/I’m sorry but this is goodbye/I’m sorry I can't save your life." This tenth song will transport the audience to a different reality as they reminisce about their own relationship stories. Track 11. "For You" - "For You" brings a lot of sentiments, making the audience feel more connected to the album (“I play along/though I feel alone, feeling darkness 'til it hurts for you.")

Track 12. "Kings of Dust" - A true sentiment to rock n' roll, "Kings of Dust" is the perfect closure to the album, with its strong instrumentation and contagious lyrics that will make the audience keep repeating "kings of dust." This track is perfect to finish the album making it memorable to the audience, which will ensure that they listen to it many more times.

Chris Day is a singer/songwriter guitarist from Philadelphia, PA. He has toured the world bringing his high-energy show to audiences, first with legendary Philly act Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers (Sony/Columbia Records) and then as a solo artist.

He recently teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo to record a new album called Hidden In Plain Sight.

This 12 song effort features powerhouse drummer David Uosikkinen, Kenny Aaronson and Chris’ longtime band mate, Tim McMaster, on bass and backing vocals.

Chris is always bringing exciting performances with his soaring and passionate vocals and blistering lead guitar work. His raucous crowd-inclusive set is well known for culminating Chris’ crowd-walk through the club, tearing off searing solos while his band keeps chugging along from the stage.

Chris has many years of touring experience worldwide. Having played hundreds of venues from night clubs to arenas and stadium, along with television performances on David Letterman, Arsenio Hall, American Music Awards and MTV. Day opened for many legendary acts along the way including: David Bowie, Robert Plant, Rod Stewart, The Pretenders, CSN, Bryan Adams, Eddie Money, Foghat, Kansas, The Romantics, The Ramones, Hall and Oates, Chicago, The Smithereens, The Hooters, Robert Hazard, Squeeze and many more.


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