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Out With the Old: Maddie Hogan’s “Beautiful Temporary” Embodies Embracing Change

Maddie Hogan is an artist who has lived with music from a very young age. By the sixth grade, Hogan has increased her proficiency in music in order to help her reach her accomplishments, as well as help her grow personally. Hogan has performed at several venues such as Congress Hall and the The Town Theatre, alongside various other locations, which have only boosted her public image. Hogan lists her musical inspirations as being from the band KISS, David Bowie, The Beatles and Queen. When featured on American Idol as a contestant, Hogan performed Queen's hit "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Maddie Hogan is someone who always takes on a challenge head-on, and manages to land on her feet after every struggle. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hogan has revealed recent struggles with anxiety and her mental state. However, she seeks to combat these feelings with the release of her upcoming songs. Hogan used her off-time during the worst of quarantine to set aside time to help write her own music. Now in 2022, Maddie is ready to return back to the scene of music with the release of her latest song, "Beautiful Temporary."

If you've ever moved on after a breakup and found yourself reliving all the memories, you aren't alone. With sweet vocals and a beach-pop sound, Hogan's new single has great vibes and tells the very relatable story of catching up with an ex and realizing you've found the rainbow after the rain.

Watch the "Beautiful Temporary" music video here:

“Beautiful Temporary” is a song that reminds listeners of the people who come into our lives for a season and what it's like to truly move on. In the case of the song, the lyrics tell their own personal story for the singer, while the soft backing track and vocals give off a sense of quiet but bold empowerment, which is sure to strike a chord.

Listeners can keep up with Maddie’s musical endeavors via her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube page.


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